19 April 2008

And that is called dawn (Rabbits' Moon)

Honey Hönig, Auto Italia South East, London
19 April to 3 May 2008

An installation with three components: a soundtrack, a spotlight and a four meter high silver helium balloon, made specifically for the largest, triangular-shaped room of a derelict Volkwagen garage in South London, now used as an artist-run gallery. The installation occupies the entire 350 square meter space: the round silver balloon is wedged into one corner, touching the floor, ceiling and walls on either side and partially obstructing the entrance, and a 2000 watt profile lantern positioned on the opposite side of the room projects a beam of light across the darkened space - illuminating the reflective surface of the balloon with a blinding glare. The soundtrack is taken from the 1979 re-edit of Kenneth Anger’s film Rabbit’s Moon and is amplified to fill the room. The work is a remake, adapting Anger’s film using the medium of the exhibition. Key elements are retained: the soundtrack, the projection and the screen, which appear as the audio component, the spotlight and the reflective, round silver balloon.